For over 20 years the specialists of the Malo Clinic reconstruct the patients’ beautiful smiles, no matter how complicated this process is. We are glad, that we can actively take part in improving health and quality of life of our patients all over the world. Achieving perfection in dentistry requires not only the knowledge and experience, manual skill and teamwork, but also creativity, sensitivity and an ability to plan well.

Our goal is to bring back the smile, take care of our patients’ health and to inspire other doctors.
We are certain, that striving for excellence, passion, knowledge, technical proficiency, but first of all integrity and authentic care for the other person are key components to winning the trust of our patients:

  • Interdisciplinary therapy
  • Preparing an individual, written therapy plan together with the cost estimate
  • Possibility to create the visits schedule tailored to the patient’s needs
  • Possibility of individual contact with your doctor
  • Advanced technologies
  • Acrylic and ceramic laboratory on site – in the clinic
  • Attention to detail – highly aesthetic temporary and final fillings.
  • Having the specialized person – the patient’s counselor, who is responsible for explaining the treatment plan and oversees its execution
  • Fully equipped patients’ rooms – a place to relax and rest
  • A makeover programme