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Prosthodontics is the specialist field of Dental Medicine aimed at the re-establishment and maintenance of the functions of the maxilo-mandibular complex, to wit in terms of chewing, phonetics and aesthetics

Working in close cooperation with other specialist areas like Oral Surgery, Implantology, Endodontics, Dentistry, Orthodontics or Periodontology, Prosthodontics is responsible for the re-establishment of oral functions, both by way of the reconstruction and repair of damaged teeth as well as the placement of dental prostheses (unit, partial or total) which are intended to replace the missing teeth.

Deploying state-of-the-art technological resources and first-rate materials, at MALO CLINIC the specialists in Prosthodontics work in collaboration with the technicians of MALO CLINIC Ceramics, a laboratory which is highly specialized in the production of tooth or implant-supported fixed dentures.

Regardless of the clinical record or the type of prosthesis, at the start of the treatment moulds are carried out which constitute a way of ensuring the clinical information gets to the laboratory. This is followed by the manufacture of provisional prostheses made of acrylic or composite which enable the maintenance of oral functions and serve as a study for the final teeth. In this way, at the fitting appointments and in collaboration with the patient, the dentist carries out the necessary adjustments so that the final solution ensures a high level of quality and comfort.

General competences

  • Reconstruction and repair of damaged teeth

In those situations where damaged teeth have roots in a good state of repair, crowns are applied, cementing them to the roots or to the remaining crown. Produced by computerized techniques, alumina or zirconia ceramic crowns not only afford great aesthetic excellence, but also enable the recovery of oral functions. Other materials such as metal-ceramics are also used.

  • Replacement of missing teeth with crowns or bridges on implants

When a tooth is missing, or whenever teeth are not recoverable, bearing in mind the drawbacks associated with the use of removable dentures, the ideal solution involves the placement of implant-supported unit crowns or bridges. For edentulous patients, MALO CLINIC has the All-on-4™ Concept and the fixed prosthesis MALO CLINIC Bridge which are the most advanced oral rehabilitation solutions which allow immediate function. Working in complementary fashion with Implantology, Prosthodontics ensures the prosthetic stage of the process by way of the planning and placement of total fixed dentures (provisional and definitive) supported by only 4 implants. Wholly made of titanium and ceramics or titanium and acrylic, materials which are biocompatible with human tissue, MALO CLINIC Bridge is recognized worldwide as the most advanced technical and aesthetic fixed prosthesis solution. As well as bringing back a full set of teeth, this solution also allows the replacement of the lost soft tissue.

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