The effect of the prosthetics doctor’s work is an aesthetic smile of the patient and a recovery to the full functionality of the oral cavity in regards to chewing and pronunciation.


Prosthetics crowns the process of a surgical treatment, implantology, endodontics, reconstructive dentistry, orthodontics and periodontology. Restoring the full function and aesthetics is implemented in two ways: by reconstructing the patient’s damaged teeth or in case of loss of natural teeth, by filling the gaps in teeth arch with prosthetic teeth (individual, partial or complete).

Prosthodontists are closely cooperating with ceramics and acrylics technicians from the MALO CLINIC prosthetics laboratory. They specialize in making prosthetic fillings based on implants, as well as on natural teeth. Prosthetics are made of the finest materials, while maintaining all the clinical standards and taking care of the details.

In the first phase of a treatment the dental moulds are usually made, as a source of information for the prosthetic laboratory. Based on the mould a treatment plan and a visualization of the expected result for the patient are made. On such basis the temporary filling made of acrylic or composite material is created, which allows for the instant recreation of the chewing function, allows for the sufficient aesthetic comfort and serves the patient until the final fixed filling is prepared, which in the meantime allows the prosthodontist to make any corrections needed in order to satisfy both the doctor and the patient.

Currently this field is dynamically evolving due to the ongoing digitization.

Main objectives


  • Reconstruction of damaged teeth

Reconstructing a tooth with a prosthectic crown is possible when its root/roots are in a good condition and the missing parts of the dentine tissue have been previously reconstructed. In order to plan and make the prosthetic denture computer techniques are used, which guarantees precise execution and high aesthetics of the final work. Dental crowns in MALO CLINIC are mainly made of aluminium oxide or zirconium oxide. In some situations, metal-ceramic crowns are made. If the damage to the tooth is small, or in order to improve the aesthetics, veneers can be used. Veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain, which allow for a considerable correction of the tooth’s shape or colour.

  • Crowns and bridges fixed on implants

In the case of tooth loss or a need to its removal due to a considerable damage to the tissue, taking under consideration the inconvenience of using removable dentures, we usually offer a different solution: a bridge based on the natural teeth. This way the teeth neighboring the gap (pillar teeth) have to be prepared by grinding. If the potential pillar teeth are healthy, and the bone mass in the place of the gap is sufficient, an implant is a perfect solution. We can reconstruct individual teeth on implants, and in case of a bigger gap fix a permanent bridge to them.

MALO CLINIC’s offer for the toothless patients is The MALO CLINIC PROTOCOL, which includes the surgical All-on-4™ technique. The goal of a full protocol is a possibility of fixing the permanent bridge on the day of the procedure, based on just 4 implants. This bridge – the so-called MALO CLINIC Bridge – allows for the instant re-establishing the chewing function and aesthetics, thanks to the close cooperation of the surgical team and prosthodontists from the very first stages of planning the procedure. The MALO CLINIC Bridge is internationally considered to be the most advanced fixed dental bridge, which, besides restoring all the teeth, also replaces gums, restoring not only the aesthetics in the area of teeth, but also soft tissue. Such form makes it easier for the patients to maintain good hygiene, and in time to improve their pronunciation. There are different forms of the MALO CLINIC Bridge. From fully acrylic temporary bridge to the target bridge made of titanium and acrylic or titanium and ceramic. The patient can adjust the version of the bridge to his needs, aesthetic requirements and financial possibilities.