Implantology is a branch of dentistry that deals with filling dental gaps with implants, which provide a base for a prosthetic reconstruction.


When in 1952 the phenomenon of osteointegration – a permanent connection of a titanium element
with a bone – was discovered, the dynamic revolution in medicine followed, and its effect was, among
others, the creation of dental implants, allowing for filling both the individual, as well as large dental
gaps, and since 1998, thanks to doctor Paulo Malo and his work on All-on-4™ method, the
rehabilitation of toothless patients as well.

Using removable prosthetics in order to fill dental gaps involves discomfort and a lack of self-esteem,
especially in relationships with the social circle. Moreover, the pressure a partial prosthetic applies to
the tissue around it causes bone loss of the bone supporting the natural teeth, causing in turn their
pathological movement, and the elements holding the prosthetic in place can cause damage and
finally loss of teeth.

An implantological treatment is the solution which is very effective both for individual and for large
dental gaps. The final effect guarantees full functionality and aesthetics, which in turn improve the
quality of patient’s life.

The implants are usually made of titanium, which is a metal biocompatible with human tissue and they
serve a purpose similar to a natural tooth root. There can be a single dental crown on one implant or a
fixed bridge on two or more implants, perfectly imitating the natural teeth; we use implants as support
for elements holding prosthetics (that is locators or beams) in place.

20 years ago Dr Paulo Malo – the founder of the MALO CLINIC – developed a technique called
All-on-4™, which was internationally accepted as a revolution in implantology and a new stage of an
instant rehabilitation of the toothless patients. All-on-4™ has become a part of the MALO CLINIC
PROTOCOL, with which we reconstruct the full upper, lower or both dental arches with a fixed bridge,
based on only four implants and placed on them on the day of the procedure. The surgical part in most
cases does not require any bone transplant or any other reconstructive procedure in the area of upper
or lower jawbone. In the case of patients, who have suffered from a considerable bone loss, specially
designed implants are anchored in the zygomatic bone.

Combining advanced technology and high clinical standards, the MALO CLINIC team has developed
many solutions and products connected to implantology: the MALO CLINIC Bridge – a functional and
highly effective aesthetic dental bridge, the MALO CLINIC Surgical Kit – designed in order to optimize
the process of the surgical procedure, reduce time of its duration and improve the patient’s comfort,
and Nobel Speedy™ – a modern implant made to instantly place a prosthetic on it (fixing a temporary
crown on the day of implanting the implant), developed in cooperation with Nobel Biocare (a Swedish
company, which is a leader in production and research on dental implants).

Main objectives

  • Implanting the implants
  • Filling dental gaps based on implants, guaranteeing a high quality of the final effect
  • Restoring the chewing function and improvement in pronunciation
  • Individual dental crowns as well as permanent bridges placed on the implants are a perfect imitation of natural teeth

In the case of patients suffering from complete toothlessness or teeth without a promising prognosis, All-on-4™ technique guarantees an instant restoration of full functionality of the oral cavity (the patient leaves the clinic with permanently fixed teeth on the day of the procedure). Compared to the traditional methods, this procedure is quicker, more comfortable and more affordable.