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Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry is the specialist area of Dental Medicine responsible for the restoration of teeth which are suffering from caries lesions, alterations in shape or colouring and the resolution of fractures, thereby restoring the original appearance of teeth

At the MALO CLINIC this specialist area involves the experience of doctors dedicated solely to this area, having at their disposal the most varied high-quality materials suited to each clinical case.

In addition to contributing to an improvement in oral functions using the most varied techniques, Dentistry gives back to the patient a healthy smile which looks good, contributing to an increase in aesthetics, self-confidence and social involvement.

General competences

  • Restoration of teeth with caries

Caused by bacteria, dental caries is the disease which most frequently affects the oral cavity, particularly developing in the fissures of the occlusal surfaces of the posterior teeth, between the teeth or alongside the gum line. If not treated, caries may become a complex problem, destroying dental tissue. Treatment consists of the removal of affected area and the reconstruction of the original anatomy of the tooth, using compound resins. At the MALO CLINIC the most advanced reconstructive materials are used, allowing excellent aesthetic results to be achieved as they imitate the natural tooth.

  • Correction of teeth with fractures and the closure of diastemas

Compound resins with high mechanical and aesthetic performance are also used in the reconstruction of fractured teeth or conoid teeth. Conoid teeth are a genetically inherited problem which particularly affects the lateral incisor teeth and is characterised by teeth which are smaller than normal and in conic format. In the case of diastemas (gaps between the teeth), dentists should evaluate whether it is appropriate to see to their closure with resin or opt for orthodontic treatment, referring the patient to the respective specialist area.

  • Whitening of vital and non-vital teeth

Although the natural colouring of teeth varies from person to person, certain factors such as tobacco, coffee, wine, pigmented foods, carbonated beverages or tartar may contribute to alterations to tooth colouring. Dental whitening sets out to restore natural colouring and may be carried out at the surgery or at home after a clinical and radiological evaluation of the dental and periodontal condition. At present, treatment at home carried out by the patient under the supervision of the dentist is the most common. Based on the mould, a teeth-mould is carried out which the patient fills in with whitening gel and which, for around 2 weeks, he shall insert for a time period to be defined by the dentist. The treatment time depends on various factors including the original colour, with darker colours tending to take a few more days to whiten. In the case of non-vital teeth, in other words after endodontic treatment the internal whitening must be carried out by the dentists as it is necessary to introduce the whitening agent inside the dental parts.

  • Removal of stains

The so-called intrinsic stains may take various forms and be caused by various factors. The ingestion of too much fluoride or certain antibiotics in the tooth formation period may influence the appearance of stains. With non-vital teeth it is frequent for a brownish, greyish or black colouring to be acquired. In some cases, the teeth ageing process may also result in dental darkening. To solve any of these situations, aesthetic facets may be used, made of ceramics or compound resin. For rehabilitation with facets, the dentist makes an initial appointment at which he carries out a wear test on the dental surface and then a mould; at this appointment, provisional facets are placed in the patient. Subsequently, the mould carried out is sent to the laboratory where the facets are carried out. The placement of the facets is carried out at a subsequent appointment and after verifying all the aesthetic and functional parameters.

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