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Dental Veneers

licówki stomatologiczne ceramiczne i porcelanowe

What are dental veneers?

The dental veneers (also called facets) are thin ceramic/composite resin blades that adhere to the outer part of the teeth in order to improve their appearance, whether by altering the shape, color or alignment of the
teeth themselves. Thus, they function as contact lenses (restorations) with reduced thickness, capable of transmitting an excellent aesthetics in a conservative way, since they lead to a reduced or, in some cases,
non-existent dental wear.

Why are they considered as a good treatment option?

The veneers are excellent options of aesthetic treatment for their chromatic stability, for their resistance and
because the results are highly satisfactory for the patient, without any soft tissues wearing. They present high
medium/long-term success rates and the results are easily predictable in terms of intact teeth. Its success
depends on dental preparation, a rigorous cementing protocol and periodontal tissue viability.

In what cases can they be used?

The veneers can be used in cases of past trauma, changes in color or shape, structural abnormalities, poor
position of anterior teeth or in the closure of gaps between teeth.

What are the different stages of this treatment?

In an initial phase, an evaluation and case study is made and, through innovative digital techniques, images
are created in order to allow the patient to visualize, before treatment, the expected result. Subsequently, we
proceeded to the wear and preparation of the dental surface where the veneer – which is made in the
laboratory – will be adhered.

Andre Rodriques DDS, Prostodontics Department Malo Clinic


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